The Alaskan Adventure of a Lifetime

Iditasport® 100K



The perfect event for amateur athletes, weekend adventurers, adventure tourists, and long distance athletes looking for a training opportunity.

A Unique Vacation. Why have a run-of-the-mill vacation when you can have an adventure? The Iditasport® 100k (64 miles) is the perfect weekend adventure for athletes and those seeking more from a vacation. Overnight at the historic Yentna Station, where the walls are covered with the original Iditaski, Iditabike and Iditasport® memorabilia. Hot food, cold beer and lodging are available!

Adventuring 101. Learn the basics of winter adventuring in an event designed to challenge you mentally and physically. With trail markers along the race course, snowmachine support, and checkpoints every 10-17 miles, we strive to make this an achievable event, but weather and terrain conditions can challenge even the most prepared athletes. We have propane-heated checkpoints outfitted with Arctic Ovens along the course in between the lodges. These tent camps provide a rest area and water is available. For the first 24 hours of the race, we will have a manned 10 mile checkpoint.



 SPOT locators are not required. 


  • Containers to hold 32 oz. of water (minimum)

  • Battery operated headlamp & red blinking light (front & back) with lithium batteries.

  • Firestarter (matches, lighter or flint & steel)

  • 2,000 calories of emergency food supply (can be used during event)

  • Chemical hand warmers (4 minimum)

  • Reflective vest or clothing


We do recommend you prepare for an overnight in the event of bad weather, or if you plan on completing the race in more than 13 hours. The tent camps do not have bedding/cots available.

  • Snowshoes

  • Goggles

  • Facemask

  • Sleeping bag (zero degrees or colder temps)

  • Bivi sack/tent

  • Stove/fuel

  • Cooking pot

  • Wind-stop coat and pants

  • Extra socks

  • Knife

  • Glow sticks


All mileages are approximate and may change based on trail conditions.

Start:  EagleQuest Lodge, Willow,  Alaska; 2 hours drive north of Anchoragemile 0

Checkpoint #1 10 Mile Tent Camp: 10 miles (for the first 24 hours of race)

Checkpoint #2  Scary Tree Tent Camp:  6 miles (16 miles from start)

Checkpoint #3 Yentna Station Lodge: 16 miles (32 miles from race start, turnaround point)

Checkpoint #4 Scary Tree tent camp: 16 miles (48 miles from race start)

Finish: EagleQuest Lodge 16 miles (total 64 miles)

Cut-Off Times

Total time allowed for completion of the Iditasport® 100K is 48 hours. Racers must be at Yentna Station within 24 hours of race start.

Pre-Race Check-in

Racers must physically check in with race officials by 11am on race day February 18, 2019. Race starts at 12pm

No Outside Help

Racers must be self sufficient and are only allowed to accept help from another racer or race official.  No personal film crews, guides or photographers are allowed without prior approval form race officials. You may film/photograph yourself, and other racers with their permission. No motorized equipment may be used to facilitate a racer in any way.

Litter/Used or Wet Gear

Leave no trace! Racers will be disqualified for littering.  Racers are not allowed to leave wet or discarded clothing or gear at any checkpoint. Racer’s equipment (bikes, sleds, snowshoes, etc.) is absolutely not allowed in the checkpoints.


Racers who are unable to complete for any reason the race must notify race officials that they have scratched. Racers who have scratched may utilize Iditasport tent camps, but are otherwise responsible for their own accommodations and return travel upon scratching. If you need to be evacuated from a lodge, you will be responsible for food & lodging each day you stay at the lodge, and should be prepared to wait days in the event of poor weather conditions.


Iditasport can assist with arranging non emergency evacuation by aircraft or other third parties. Any costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the racer. Racers needing non-emergency evacuation by Iditasport race personnel will be charged a fee of $250. Evacuation will be by snowmachine and be first come first served. All racers MUST inform a race official as soon as possible that they have scratched and would like a nonemergency evacuation so we can make the necessary arrangements. Again, racers must be prepared to wait until personnel and equipment are available for the evaluation.

Secure parking is $10 a day at Deshka Landing.